Australia as Asia’s Clean Energy Service Provider

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Australia really does have the capacity to generate far more solar power than we need, so why not make use of that awesome oversupply to this sunburned country?

Powering the world...

Powering the world…

Having established the viability and usefulness of HVDC cable links to transmit power of very long distances, there is another opportunity for Australia.  Connecting firstly to Indonesia and then to other South East Asian countries to provide clean energy generated in the north of Western Australia and Queensland.

We could move from supplying finite raw materials to sustainable raw energy.

Pan Asia Renewable Energy

Pan Asia Renewable power analysis [1]

If that sounds like a wild fantasy, then consider that the idea has already been discussed between Australian and Indonesian universities and politicians[2] and papers have been produced analyzing the viability of such a project.[3]  These papers explore the problems of ocean depth between the countries[4], the expected power loss and the use of hydro stored energy to provide consistent power 24 hours a day.  One goes into more depth on establishing a pan-Asia power network that would connect Australia to Northern China and Mongolia, with spurs to other countries.[5]

Pan Asia Energy Connections

Pan Asia Network Connections [6]

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