Australia’s International Energy Future

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Australia as the World’s Battery Charger

The world currently ships energy around the world on massive supertankers carrying all kinds of fossil fuels.  As electricity storage technology increases,[1] could Australia have a role in storing and shipping energy around the world to places that are out of reach of HVDC cables?

A boat the size of a supertanker could already store a phenomenal amount of energy, we already have them arriving in ports around the word on a regular schedule.  Could that schedule be used to provide clean energy to any country that needed it?  Either by unloading and loading battery packs, or by using the packs on board to charge facilities on shore?

This is probably not currently an economic solution, but as fossil fuels disappear from the earth through scarcity and replacement, are there places that will not be able to generate enough energy locally without resorting to nuclear power or other dangerous and costly methods?

Many island nations already lack the space to build large scale renewable energy plants. These nations are often volcanically active and that poses a huge risk for using nuclear power.

So there must be a business case and a market demand to store and ship clean energy by 2040.


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