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Change Catalysts – 2013

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The measures of progress for this section are:

1.       Existence of a Carbon pricing scheme

  1. Simple 0% or 100%

Carbon Pricing Scheme Exists

Figure 14: Carbon Pricing Scheme Measure

2.       The setting of a carbon price high enough to:

  1. drive real industry change
  2. provide funding for the switch to renewable energy

We will set a level for this to be AUD$150 per tonne, based on the global studies and measure progress to reach or exceed 100%

Carbon Price Level

Figure 15: Carbon Price Measure

3.       The level of subsidies for fossil fuels themselves in any form to reach zero.

  1. When the measure reaches 100%, there are no subsidies available from the government for any fossil fuels
  2. The starting point is the level of subsidy paid in 2013.  This is hard to determine precisely, with some disagreement on what to include as a subsidy.[1]  Looking at multiple data sources, a level of $11 billion per annum seems a reasonable estimate.

i.      In the first edition, this progress must be zero as we are still at the starting point.

Progress Towards Zero Subsidies

Figure 16: Zero Fossil Fuel Subsidies Measure

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