Changing the Way We Think About Education

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In a changing world of global economies, internet access, shifting workforces and expanding technology, how do we best prepare our children for the future?  The only thing that’s clear is the current system is failing all of us. Please follow this link and watch this explanation for some clarity on the depth of the issue.

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There is a view that the education system should be organised on the basis of a free market.  This is a neoliberal belief, that free markets without government interference would be the most efficient and socially optimal allocation of resources globally.  This has not proven to be true and the actual result experienced in the US and UK, who have applied this logic to their education system, has been a persistent decline in standards for the majority of the population.  Australia has been following the US example for the last two decades and has also experienced a slide, though not as steep.  The truth is that a market system does not act to provide equitable education, it works to create hierarchies and deep inequalities.[1]  It is these inequalities that the Gonski reforms seek to address.


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