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The aim of this group is not to say from the outset that all problems and solutions are defined absolutely in each article.

The aim is to act as a focal point for the development of a broad and deep understanding of the problems Australia faces in this new century and evolve the solutions as a collaborative group.

It’s easier to work with a draft than a blank page, so we’ve attempted to make a solid foundation for further growth.

If you feel passionately about sections of the site, or even one particular article, then please help us keep it up to date and accurate.  Whether you agree or violently disagree, we want your input – as long as it is rational thought with evidence to support it.  If you meet that requirement, then you will have comments posted.

You might be particularly concerned about solar energy solutions, or education outcomes, or corporate governance…or anything else that is covered.  There may be something that isn’t currently covered that should be, please contribute suggestions and material.

So How can I contribute?

  1. Make a comment on a post… if you have smaller suggestions, ideas, more websites with evidence, etc, this is the best way to contribute.  Comments are moderated, if you post rational thought backed by evidence you will always have your comments approved.
  2. Send an email… if you have more lengthy contributions to make, or would like to become an ongoing contributor, send a mail to
  3. Become a permanent contributor….If you have an area of expertise that could improve any part of the site continuously, apply to become a contributor at

What are we looking for in contributions?

The introduction page shows the overall focus of the site and lays out the policy on links.

What we are trying to build is a broad and deep view of solutions for Australia to directly handle the issues of climate change and the energy trap and anything that is preventing those solutions from being implemented today.

The only path to make this a workable solution is to stick to facts and evidence instead of opinion and hyperbole.

We have explicitly avoided extremes of politics, economics and society to find a balanced view that is supported by rational thought and researched evidence.

Fundamentally, balancing Social, Environmental and Economic concerns to provide positive solutions should be the role of a good government.  It is our aim to show what that looks like.

There is a lot of ground already covered and this represents a drafting process.

We are currently looking for more people who are passionate about solving these problems.


What if I run a business that provides solutions you talk about on this site?

We may already be linking to your site, if we aren’t and you have solutions to share, then let us know.

No, this isn’t going to be an opportunity for explicit advertisement for a particular product, but if you already have a solution, we’re interested in spreading the word.  The limit of exposure here would be a description of a class of solution, such as affordable electric cars, with a link to a homepage of example suppliers.


What does a permanent contributor do?

After establishing that you can write rational, evidenced articles that present a view clearly, you can be given access to add articles to the site directly.  You would be able to add and change your own articles, or articles in your area of expertise, but will be unable to modify others.

This means you can change and update articles, respond to comments and actively promote discussions in your field.

Nobody is being paid for working here, this is a voluntary community.

If you can donate time or articles in any way, then please feel welcome.

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