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When identifying these problems as the underlying features of the mass of confusion and conflicting views globally, it can become difficult to see how exactly they are acting to explain a diverse array of issues.  The answer comes by mapping the symptoms of the specific issue back to the root cause of the problem to realize the answer is a lot simpler than it first appears.  The following diagrams are intended as a way to link symptoms of the cause back to the cause in a logical progression, to visualize how the same causes manifest in a myriad of different ways.  The aim is to show how the ideological roots are causing global problems in order to resolve the issue at its source rather than being constantly redirected to a particular local issue.  That redirection is the aim of the neoliberal movement through their global media empires that seek to promote this worldview.[1]  If the general population is worrying about a factory closure or logging a heritage forest, then they will never be able to organize effectively against the fundamental problems.

The final diagram is looking at the future of the next 50-100 years if no action is taken to redress the balance.  If we continue to let corporations do whatever it takes to scratch and ever increasing growth out of a finite planet, there will be massive consequences.  Those consequences are, however, mostly avoidable if we choose a different path.  If we start thinking towards Australian solutions to the global problems, real progress can be made quickly enough to change the course of the worst problems of climate change and the energy trap.  The underlying issue is that in order to make progress addressing the global catastrophe, the neoliberal ideology must be rejected and undone in every nation.

The fundamental problem is that a single ideology is actively preventing the change we need, so it is the central problem to be addressed first.  It is the mental wall that must be destroyed to give all of us quality of life a century from now.

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