Education Funding and the Gonski Report

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The Gonski report established the need for revision of how government money is distributed to schools across the country to properly assist schools handling children with special requirements.  Many private schools and the coalition parties did not accept this conclusion as it would mean a dramatic reduction in government funding for them, since they do not suffer disadvantages and routinely avoid accepting special needs children.[1] The Gonski recommendations on funding should be adopted in full at the earliest possible moment.  They represent an important levelling in funding to the Australian education system as a whole.  Government schools should receive the lion’s share of public money. If people want to setup a private school system for any reason, they can pay for it themselves.  It is not up to the government to provide support for religious organizations and a tiered education system for the rich.

However, all schools must be held to account for teaching and examining fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics to ensure that all Australian citizens share a high standard of communication and calculation skills to handle daily life.  In the process of teaching and enhancing these skills, many other subject areas can be covered that all require increasing complexity of communication and calculation.  The focus, however, should be on examining and standardizing only those core skills on a national level; all other outcomes should be subject to a far broader spread of teaching and learning environments.

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