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Let's Build Windmills

“When the direction of the wind changes,
some people build walls,
some people build windmills.”
                    – Chinese Proverb

What began as an attempt to make sense of the rising level of global chaos has turned into something much bigger.  Trying to understand the mess of global issues with diverse symptoms has been bothering many people for a few years now, but a lot of reading and testing of evidence has led us to notice some clear, repeating patterns.

How is it that global climate scientists are almost unanimous in their understanding of Anthropogenic Global Warming and the urgent need for action, but active resistance is being funded by the owners of global commercial media networks, large corporations and their paid-for-comment pet ‘journalists’ around the world?
What is the connection between Arab Spring protests, Austerity Protests, Brazilian anti-Olympic protests, Anti-refugee sentiment in Australia, moving Australian jobs overseas, massive bank profits and mining subsidies that go straight to profit margins?

The fact is, they are all linked quite clearly to a philosophy that overtook western governments in the early 80s, after being forced on unwilling citizens in many South American countries in the 70s; neoliberalism.

This is not the cause of every problem in the world; humans are too clever at creating their own amazing messes. It is, however, at the centre of our global lack of concerted action to handle the real issues of climate change, dwindling fossil fuels and a global economic structure designed to destroy the environment at any cost.

The Firestick is also a body of research on the current state of the development of solutions that will:

  • Move us away from fossil fuels and towards 100% renewable energy
  • Create a new generation of active, collaborative and entrepreneurial citizens
  • Force governments to become representative of the will of the people instead of the desires of the rich few.
  • Create a new model of business that:
    • Supports small and medium businesses involved in innovation at the cost of very large corporations.
    • Changes the underlying approach to economics to mandatorily include Social Debt and Environmental Debt in every model and on every balance sheet.
      • This approach has been referred to as triple bottom line accounting.

The prospect of trying to propose global solutions for these global problems is filled with far too many variables caused by different countries, cultures, legal systems, environmental constraints and general community awareness.  So rather than boil the ocean with a kettle, this site focuses on the situation in Australia.  We will explore the solutions for Australia within the global context; with the intent that Australia becomes a global thought leader on these issues.  The amount of intellectual property developed in the course of administering what will be a paradigm shifting change will become the basis of a service that the country will be able to collectively offer the world.  With the move to a service based economy in Australia a necessary aspect of the modern world; this will kickstart a whole new industry in developing, deploying, maintaining and improving progressive services that enable a powerful future in the new millennium and the Asian century.

This is intended to show the goals and the direction to take now to start moving towards them in measurable ways.

The Links

The ability to click and follow links as required opens up a journey to be followed, but we have deliberately footnoted them to preserve the stream of reasoning. The links stand as both evidence and a connection to a lot of further reading.  With years of saving links, they have been whittled down to find the best examples.

These views have not been formed in the absence of evidence.

This is not the result of a divine epiphany and eternal wisdom.

This is the result of a few years’ worth of reading and considering alternative viewpoints before settling more and more into one supported by the majority of evidence from history up to the modern age.  We have then made every attempt to make links to a large array of websites to gather together the same diversity of information for you to consider.  We set some rules in choosing these links to provide a guide based on the most credible evidence available.

What’s Out:

  • Any link from an organization that is famously extreme left wing in outlook.
  • Any link from an organization that is famously extreme right wing in outlook
  • Any link from an organization or individual that posts ideology without evidence. Eg, individual bloggers posting opinions are excluded.

What’s In:

  • Primary source of evidence preferred – especially for data analysis.
  • Secondary source with link to the primary.
    • This is often where someone else has gathered together a number of links on the topic and related topics to make it easier for you to also branch out and study further.
    • This may also be to a book or other reference material that itself contains a large number of detailed references in forming large, complex views.
    • News sources that reference their original sources.
  • A secondary source that has created a useful view or way to understand the information
  • Very rarely a video has been linked that explains a complex topic in an understandable manner

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