The Culture of Greed

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So there’s some group of people controlling all this isn’t there? The Bilderberg group, a Rex Mundi, the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati or the giant reptile overlords some fringe dwellers favour


There isn’t and there doesn’t need to be, the only conspiracy is one of greedy people competing with each other to be greedier and seize ‘more’. They see themselves as the peak of human evolution, those who have managed to seize more wealth and hoard it than anybody else. They have perpetrated a media campaign to justify greed as being a virtue and raise selfishness to the highest status; the Culture of Greed.

This is the philosophy of someone with an antisocial disorder we call psychopathy.

This is the outlook of a profoundly damaged person who thinks that humans operate entirely by and for themselves. They don’t. The only evidence to support this point of view comes from someone who casually ignores the society in which they live; psychopaths.

Greed combined with fear is a primal driver that is now being used to attempt to convert the worldview of the majority of citizens any many countries worldwide. Fortunately, it has stopped working as these people realize they exist in a society of extreme inequality, where their labour is deemed to be worth a tiny fraction of a percent of someone else’s. This dissent and eventual violent revolution is always the result of societies that succumb to the conspiracy of greed. There are no exceptions in history. Emperors fail, Kings fall, the nobles are executed and the whole process begins again.

This is not an attempt to tell everybody to stop being greedy forever. Such a claim would be ridiculous and also serves to ignore the lessons of history. Greed can be a useful source of energy and inspiration for many people, but not when it is uncontrolled; then it is only self-destructive. It needs to be tempered and balanced with empathy. It needs to evolve to the greater concept of Ubuntu, “I am because we are”. There is no problem with an individual operating for self-interest when that action ends up benefitting society at large. This recognizes the debt that all people, businesses and corporations owe to the societies in which they operate and requires a repayment of that debt in kind.

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