The Firestick

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Let's Build Windmills

“When the direction of the wind changes,
some people build walls,
some people build windmills.”
                    – Chinese Proverb

The prospect of trying to propose global solutions for these global problems is filled with far too many variables caused by different countries, cultures, legal systems, environmental constraints and general community awareness.

So rather than boil the ocean with a kettle, this site focuses on the situation in Australia.

We will explore the solutions for Australia within the global context; with the intent that Australia becomes a global thought leader on these issues.

The amount of intellectual property developed in the course of administering what will be a paradigm shifting change will become the basis of a service that the country will be able to collectively offer the world. With the move to a service based economy in Australia a necessary aspect of the modern world; this will kickstart a whole new industry in developing, deploying, maintaining and improving progressive services that enable a powerful future in the new millennium and the Asian century.

The Firestick is intended to show the goals first, then the action to take now to start moving towards them in measurable ways.


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