Fixing Australia’s Tax Revenue Problem

10 ways we can find more money without cuts to services:

1. Tax the undertaxed mining industry by restoring the original super profits tax on mining companies – raising $4,500,000,000 per year [1]

2. Abolish fossil fuel subsidies. In 2013-14, over $11bn of subsidies were given to the fossil fuel industry, including for fuel tax credits, aviation fuel & mining exploration. Not only does it favor some industries over others, but it is a wealth transfer to polluting companies. This would save $11,000,000,000 [2]

3. Defund private schools. In 2013-14 the Gov spent $4.5bn on public schools and $9bn on private schools. If you want to opt out of public education, you should pay for it yourself. Also private schools are less efficient – increasing their costs per student by 3.4% p.a. compared to students from public schools at 2.4% p.a. with no improvement to academic results. Many studies have shown NAPLAN scores have not improved under private or Catholic schools. In addition, private schools routinely exclude any children with a disability to keep their profits and grade averages up. Cutting it back completely would save $9,000,000,000 per year. Cutting it back to a base funding per student would

Australia’s Electric Vehicle Future

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Australia could have an incredible future in designing, building and leading the world for electric vehicles…..

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Australia’s Complementary Industries for the next Century: Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles and 3D Printing

Australia could place itself at the heart of the most important technology, intellectual property and service industries of the next century. This combination effect would provide a solid future for Australia domestically as well as placing it as a central provider for the global economy.

1. Renewable Energy


Still a developing field in 2015, it ceased being emerging technology by 2010. Strong investment in developing the practical technology in Australia would provide both the means to escape the energy trap as well as an example of how countries can navigate the change away from fossil fuel dependence into a new environment of distributed electricity generation and off-grid solutions.

Why Australia?

With Australia’s abundance of natural sources of energy, there is no excuse for the country to avoid its natural role in leading global development. In fact, Australian scientists have routinely been at the forefront of solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, wave and tidal energy generation projects.

Why renewable energy?

Renewable energy generation is also the foundational change needed to shift the Australian economy away from its current reliance on fossil fuels. It is also the change needed to make electric vehicles a truly low carbon sustainable solution. Since